27 Aug 2013

interview in 21-12-2006 by Orlando de Bock from Holland for www.BlackMetalWoud.come2me.nl

here an interview in 21-12-2006 by Orlando de Bock from Holland for www.BlackMetalWoud.come2me.nl

Seelenkrieg Records
-Arroganz-...besser hatten Wintermoon ihr neuestes werk nicht betiteln konnen. Den auch wenn "Arroganz" abermals keinen preis fur originalitat gewinnen wird, bracht Black Metal meiner meinung bands wie dieser. 8/10 Myrrthronth

Interview with K. Ulfërno(Nhokk)
· Nhokk is a newbie in the Black Metal scene i think, give us a short introduction?
· In one of most violent lands of the world Nhokk is born in 2003 with the firm conviction of recovering the true essence of the Black Metal lost today. Since today's bands it doesn't exist coherence neither true conviction, along their existence the band has sufferd several changes in it's formation. Now the line up has only two original members.
· Nhokk? What does it means?
· Is  the misanthropic incarnation of the night in pure blaphemy, product of the primary execration of the human being. Which the being's daemonium crystallizes in palpable manifestation.
· Which country is Nhokk come from?
· Columbia(South America) -aib-moloc:the current incarnation of Moloc-
· Can you tell us, where your b
and name come from?
Comes from the being's deep darkness, of the hate and true blasphemy.
· What sort of Black Metal do you play?
· Nhokk is simple, raw and extreme Black Metal.
· Where does your inspiration come from?
· It inspires us the death, internal hate, the deep scorn for humanity especialty the polluted one for the judeo-christian scum.
· What about the recording session?
· The "Advocatvs daemonicvm" demo has be recorded in a small underground studio called Sound of death at end of 2005, this demo contain 7 tracks+intro. Record in few sessions with a raw sound.
· Can you tell me about all Nhokk releases?
· The "Advocatvs daemonicvm" demo 2005, "666 rehearsel" 2006(only for reduced circle of beings) At the moment we work on new material.
· Are you having plans to play live in the near future, and where will that be?
Yes, depending on the organization type and of the bands that are included, because don't play with anyone, we prefer to be selective, possibly at national level after the official release of a demo included split cd with Tyrants Blood by the label Warhymns Records(this was never materialized-Nhokk-).
· What sort of bands do you like in the Black Metal scene?
· Those that conserve the true essence of the Black Metal, real blasphemy, those that apply what they preach, that see to the Metal with conviction and firmness, not those that are subject to fashions of the moment neither with economic purposers of cajolement characteristic main of an judeo-christian attitude.
· Most of the members of other bands play in different bands, does any of you play in a other band?
· Yes, we belong to a  underground elite, both members play to the pagan Black Metal band ASBRU(since 95) And me(D.S. Inferno) play to the war Metal individual project BERSERKER INFËRNO(since 92)
· What are the plans for near future?
· Materialize our next blasphemy that is expected is outside by the middle of the 2007, and to continue execrating.
· Your personal Black Metal top 5?
It's is difficult to respond to this question, because we are not in to watch over the young Black Metal. We don't belong to this age.
· Last words?
· Thank you for the space mister Arroganz. The true Metal is alive in the underground shades. We perpetuate bleeding of the bastard putrid wounds in their eternal agony. Ego sum-malum, ego sum bonum-ego sum vis- ego sum Satanas!.

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