27 Aug 2013

Agitvs (Bio)

In the violent territory of Colombia(aib-moloc)-South America NHOKK is engendered in 2003 by K. ULFËRNO in opposition to all kinds of falsehood, weakness, slavery and any other form of judeo-christianity... even inside the Metal... This through of anti-technical, crudeness and violent execration.
NHOKK consolidate as band in 2004 by incorporating: D. SACRILEGÜS (guitar), IMPIOUS (drums) and PROFANATOR (vocal).
For some time the formation included the absence of IMPIOUS executed so PROFANATOR drums and vocals demo recording until "Advocatvs Dæmonicvm" in late 2005, after which his predecessor returning to reintegrated NHOKK come back to original line up only after "VIVIVI Rehearsal" record on June 6, 2006 from this execration various changes was arise in the formation for musical and ideological differences, up to the current lineup:

+++++T. ABIGOR: Bass+++++
+++++L. BELIAL: Drums+++++
++++L. SABAZIOS: Vocal++++
++K. ULFËRNO: Guitar / Vocals++

NHOKK misanthropic incarnation of the night on living blasphemy influenced by primary human execration materializing the being`s  Daemonium in form of simple, raw and extreme Christgrinding Black Metal .

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